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Building Trip

What is Bank of America® or Merrill Lynch® debit/credit card?

Bank of America runs a program called, Museums on Us®. Click here to learn more about Bank of America's Museums on Us®.

What is AAA card ?

AAA card offers lots of discounts on US-based attractions. If you let us know whether you have a AAA card, we will include AAA deals into your list of available tickets.

What is Travelcard ?

Some attractions offer discounts when you purchase multi-day transportation card of the city the attraction belongs to. For instance, London has a 2FOR1 program, a "buy one, get one free" deal for tourist attractions. If two people are traveling together and each person has a London Travelcard, you can buy two attraction tickets at the price of a single ticket.

If you check on the "Plan to purchase travelcard" checkbox, we assume that you will buy the city's Travelcard and show you "travelcard related discounts". Travelcard cost will not be included in the final ticket price result.

Why requires birthdate?

Some tourist attractions provide discount for seniors and children based on their age. Therefore, if you tell us your birthdate, we can offer you better discounts!

Inputting birthdate is optional and you may choose not to. If you choose not to input your birthdate, you will be excluded from all the age-related discounts.

Museums on Us® ?

Museums on Us® is a program run by Bank of America, which allows you to enter numerous museums across U.S. for free on first full weekend of every month. The only requirement is that you have a Bank of America® or Merrill Lynch® debit or credit card, and carry a valid photo ID with you. Please be aware that this does not work for children unless each child has his/her own debit or credit card.

Museums on Us® program's typical procedure is as follows. First, when you visit an attraction, go to its ticket booth. Show your photo ID and Bank of America® or Merrill Lynch® and say you want to do Museums on Us®. The teller might not be aware of the program, but manager would be. You will get an admission ticket for free.

Ticket Result

What is Ticket Results ?

Ticket Results or Ticket Results page is the page that shows you various ticket options that you can choose from. An example of a Ticket Results page is attached below.

[Example] Ticket Result
A Ticket Results page consists of summary on top and multiple Ticket Purchase Scenarios that you can choose from below.

What are Tourist Attractions ?

A "Tourist Attraction" is a museum, a landmark, or a venue which is worthwhile to visit for a tourist. The following are examples of "Tourist Attraction":
Empire State Building, Central Park, or Circle Line Cruise.

What is a Ticket Purchase Scenario ?

Ticket Purchase Scenario is a box in the Tickets Results page which shows a set of tickets that covers all the Tourist Attractions you plan to visit. The following image is an example of a Ticket Purchase Scenario.

[Example] Ticket Purchase Scenario
Each Ticket Purchase Scenario has its own unique settings. A settings determines whether you would exploit discount day & Pay What You Wish, or whether you would buy Destination passes.

By clicking on View Details, you can get more detailed information of a Ticket Purchase Scenario. View Details consists of three subcategories: Ticket, Member, and Attraction.

  • Ticket

  • Ticket tab shows list of tickets you need to buy. Each row contains the followings: a link to the ticket, count of each sub-type of ticket (e.g. Adult, Child, Student, etc) you need to purchase, and total cost.

    [Example] Ticket Purchase Scenario: Ticket

  • Member

  • Member tab shows list of tickets each of your co-travellers should purchase. Tickets are rearranged so that each of your co-travellers can easily figure out what ticket each traveller must purchase. Member tab is useful if you are travelling with your friends and you would like to figure out who needs to pay how much.

    [Example] Ticket Purchase Scenario: Member

  • Attraction

  • Attraction tab shows which tickets you should buy or use for each attraction. Tickets are rearranged so that you can easily figure out which tickets you need to purchase for each attraction. Attraction tab is useful when you are in an attraction's ticketing queue and would like to quickly figure out what tickets you need to purchase now.

    [Example] Ticket Purchase Scenario: Attraction

    What are Trevii points ?

    Trevii points are points used for discounts. Discounts are available using Trevii points on most admission tickets sold at Trevii. The amount of possible discount is determined by the tickets you purchase, and the total price. When you checkout, Trevii calculates total discount available to you, and you need matching amount of Trevii points to exploit that discount. Of course, you may choose not to use Trevii points and get no discount.

    In general, the more you buy, the more discount you can get. One Trevii point is worth roughly about US $1. Your current Trevii points can be checked at your profile page. Maximum Trevii points you can have in your account is 200.00. Trevii points can be earned in three different ways:

    1. Earn Trevii points by joining Trevii
    As of Sep. 2016, Trevii is running a promotion and offers 20.00 Trevii points when you join. For those who joined Trevii before Sep. 2016, we added 20.00 Trevii points to your account. We have not yet decided how long we are going to run this promotion, but we will stop the promotion eventually. So join now and don't miss this chance.

    2. Earn Trevii points by inviting a friend
    You can earn Trevii points by inviting a friend. You earn 1.00 Trevii point when you invite a friend and the friend joins Trevii through your invitation. If the friend you invited uses another person's invitation, you don't earn any Trevii point. You can have maximum 20 pending invitations at a time. To invite more than 20 friends, an invitation needs to be accepted or cancelled. You can view all your invitations here.

    3. Earn Trevii points by joining through invitation
    You earn 10.00 Trevii points by joining Trevii through the invitation email your friend sent you. So, if you want to earn Trevii points, ask a friend who has a Trevii account to invite you!

    Why do you need my schedule for Ticket Results ?

    Some attractions provide time-dependent discounts. For example, MoMA (main hall) provides free entry on Friday 4pm-8pm. With your schedule, we can save you money by hitting time-dependent discounts.

    What is Attraction Pass ?

    Attraction Pass is a combo ticket covering multiple tourist attractions. There are many different types of Attractions Passes. For example, in case of New York City, Trevii has 3 attraction passes in the system, New York CityPass, New York Pass, Explorer Pass (New York).

    Attraction Passes may or may not be beneficial to you based on whether your status and schedule. In general, the more expensive touristy attractions you visit, the more useful are your Attraction Passes However, if you are a student, a child, a senior, or are not visiting many expensive and touristy places, attractions passes won't be beneficial to you.

    Trevii's job is to automatically find out whether there is any Attraction Pass that can save you money compared to regular off-the-counter price.

    What do you mean by Too many attractions for x-day pass ?

    Some Attraction Passes come with dates limit. For instance, New York Pass allows you to visit 80 Tourist Attractions, on fixed number of days, i.e., 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7-days. Therefore, in theory, you may buy a 1-day New York Pass and plan to visit 80 Tourist Attraction. However, this is practically impossible due to time constraint.

    For all attraction passes with dates limit like New York Pass, Trevii calculates whether you really can visit all the attractions you want with the dates-limited attraction pass you plan to purchase. When your trip seems practically impossible because of time constraints, Trevii shows you Too many attractions for x-day pass message. However, everybody has their own pace of traveling, and you may be able to visit many more attractions per day than an average traveller. It's you who decides how many attractions can be visited with a dates-limited attraction pass. So please check the details, from "Detail" or "Member" tab of the ticket purchase scenario, to judge whether you can meet the time constraint or not.

    What is Discount Day ?

    Some tourist attractions offer discounted admission on certain days, such as Free Friday of MoMA (main hall) in New York City. One drawback with these time-dependent discounted tickets is that you may need to wait in a long line, as in the case of MoMA.

    Also, expect the venue to be more crowded on discount days. If you love the museum and would like to "enjoy" it, consider avoiding discount days.

    What is Voluntary Admission or Pay What You Wish ?

    If a Tourist Attraction has a Voluntary Admission or Pay What You Wish policy, like Metropolitan Museum in New York City, a visitor may pay as much as desired (e.g. $1), not the recommended price. The typical admission procedure of a Voluntary Admission is as follows, but may slightly differ venue by venuex.

    Even with Pay What You Wish, you still need to get a ticket from the ticket counter. At the ticket booth, the teller is likely to ask you to pay the recommended price. You may tell the teller that you would like to Pay What I Wish instead. Then you can decide the amount you pay, from 1¢ to million dollars.

    In most tourist attractions with Voluntary Admission, they kindly ask you to pay the recommended price. Trevii also recommend paying recommended price if you can afford it, because these attractions rely on your admission fee for their maintenance.

    Attractions of Free entry ?

    Many attractions can be freely entered. Some attractions are free by nature, such as Central Park in New York. Some attractions are free to public with good will, such as British Museum in London. Some attractions are free to certain age people, such as Museum of Modern Art, free to 16-years-old and below.